About CASE Solved

Developed in conjunction with the Texas Rural Education Association, or TREA, this program was created in response to the "community and student engagement" requirements passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature, which gives school districts an opportunity to evaluate themselves and their campuses on programs that are not being reflected on the state’s accountability system. Evaluation criteria are intended to be locally developed with input from the community and students. This tool will help districts and campuses give recognition to the great things that are taking place in public schools across the state and assist in collecting feedback from the community and students on various programs. CASE Solved is a tool that is intended to be simple but effective.

How does CASE Solved Work?

After you register an Administrators account, your school district may choose from a pre-loaded list of questions and programs that may apply to your district and/or campuses. You will also have the ability to “add others” into the program that are specific to your community and schools. The program will populate the color coded “slider” evaluation tool based on individual selections. As evaluations are submitted, the program will average the responses to produce a “summative report” in all eight primary categories. The program will also allow each district and/or campus to view summative reports for each “sub-category” within the eight primary categories for departmentalized planning and goal setting. With local control being the intent of this legislation, CASE Solved does not decide what is “Exemplary” or “Unacceptable” on the summative evaluation. That decision is left to the “District” or LEA.

Navigating the Case Solved website is really easy, and this will save our district a lot of time in the future.

Judd Marshall
Mt. Pleasant ISD

I have used CASE Solved now for two years. It is some of the best money ever spent. It makes the Community and Student Engagement evaluation so very easy and quick to complete. It is user friendly and helps to accomplish a task that could take many hours in only a small amount of time.

Mr. Buddy Freeman
Highland Park ISD

CASE Solved was just the product we needed to collect and assemble our ratings for both the campus and the district.

Mr. Jerod Neff
Leon ISD

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