CASE Solved Frequently Asked Questions

We have complied a list of questions / answers to help you while using the CASE Solved program.

How do I get Started?

To get started, a district must register one district account. Simply click on the “Register” tab and enter your information. Once your account is registered, click on the “Get started! Configure your district” tab. You will be taken to the “Admin” home page where you can choose your settings, invite other “Admin” users, view reports, or take your own evaluation.

How does this tool help me comply with HB 5?

This tool gives districts a way to receive feedback regarding the eight areas that are required by HB 5 to be evaluated. The law doesn’t give direction regarding how districts are to evaluate themselves and their campuses. It only requires the criteria to be determined by a locally developed committee, and the results be submitted to TEA and made public to your community by August 8 of each year. The CASE program will allow districts to view and print reports based on the eight primary categories to be evaluated, and any programs under them that were evaluated. These reports can be used for departmental and district goal setting.

Who determines what criteria we must meet to be “exemplary” in my district?

The law requires that a local committee sets these criteria. The CASE tool produces an average of all responses. It is up to each local district to determine what that average (number) means to them.

Can anyone take the evaluation once it has been configured for my campus?

Yes. The district and campus administrator decides how many evaluations they want figured into their average, as well as, the cut off date for accepting evaluations. Districts can choose to have as many or as few evaluations submitted as they deem necessary to compile accurate data. General evaluators will have to register for a free account as an “Evaluator” on the registration page to submit their evaluation.

Do I have control over which questions, programs, or data that gets evaluated?

Yes. This is set up by the campus and district level administrator while configuring your evaluation. It can be changed at any time. General users will only be able to take the evaluation and see the data that was uploaded by the district or campus.

What happens when I “invite” a user under the “users” tab on the “configure my district” page?

Invited users are those who you wish to have administrator rights for each campus. This should be the person or persons who will be choosing the programs under each primary category that will be evaluated. These users should not be the general evaluators. The invited user will receive an email with login instructions.

How does a general user create an account to take my evaluation?

A general user will simply create an account by inputting their email address, setting their password, inputting the county district number, and choosing the campus to be evaluated. Accounts for general evaluators are free to set up.

Is CASE Solved a survey tool or evaluation tool?

CASE is a tool that can be used for districts to collect feedback regarding the various programs that are not currently evaluated by standardized tests. The program will automatically average all responses received during the evaluation. Districts decide which programs or area to be evaluated. For example, if a district wants feedback on the “number of students participating in the marching band”, they would simply input this as one of the programs to be evaluated. Evaluators will use the color coded slider to give their feedback regarding the participation levels in marching band. The slider is numbered 0-10, with 0 being “not very good”. If the evaluator believes the participation in marching band is excellent, they would give this program a high mark (8, 9, or 10). Once all evaluations are complete, and the district has their summative report, their local committee decides what the ultimate rating is based on their criteria. These reports can then be used for goal setting as a district or within the various departments.

How does CASE help my district comply with the “statutory reporting requirement” compliance under the law?
The law requires that each campus and district evaluate whether they are in compliance with “statutory reporting requirements.” There is a section under each campus and district report in the CASE program that allows the campus/district to check “yes” or “no” regarding being in compliance with this requirement.