CASE Solved Benefits & Features

CASE Solved is a wonderful tool that allows schools to quickly and easily meet the requirements for community involvement when evaluating the school district. It is very user friendly and simple to use. I recommend it to any superintendent looking for ways to simplify their district’s reporting requirements.

Dr. Shaun Barnett, Ed.D.
Stamford ISD

I have used CASE Solved now for two years. It is some of the best money ever spent. It makes the Community and Student Engagement evaluation so very easy and quick to complete. It is user friendly and helps to accomplish a task that could take many hours in only a small amount of time.

Mr. Buddy Freeman
Highland Park ISD

CASE Solved is a very user-friendly and excellent tool to satisfy some of our accountability requirements. This program also has been a tremendous aide in gathering stakeholder input which we use for Campus Improvement Plans and Needs Assessments.

Mr. Kelly West
Cisco ISD